White Dove Releases and Top Quality Racing Pigeons

Here at C-EM Fly Loft we are dedicated to our birds! We have top quality racing pigeons (occasionally offered for sale) and beautiful pure white doves for your special occasion. We can provide birds for weddings, grand openings, parades, memorial service/funerals, and parties!

Why white doves? Because doves choose one mate for life, and signify love, faithfulness, joy, and hope, including them in your wedding brings all of these elements to your ceremony in a stunning and unforgettably meaningful way. As the doves are released at your wedding ceremony, the guests are often surprised into a smiling hush of awe as the rush of white wings lift these lovely birds into the air.

From the past to the present, and into eternity, white doves have been and forever shall be a beautiful symbol of the Holy Spirit, love, hope, peace, and the soul.  A memorial white dove release is a perfect tribute to the memory of your lost loved one.  Releasing doves at your loved one’s funeral can provide your family with an ethereal and cathartic means of saying “Goodbye for now.”

We take a personal approach to our business as our birds are like family. All weddings include a free consultation and rehearsal with the bride and groom. We have beautiful display cages and baskets that will compliment your events decor.

Call (850)586-1171 today to book for your special event!